Specializing in development of backend system in Python: APIs for mobile applications, administration panels and full fledged website-based systems. Our work is based on advanced use of PostgreSQL databases, HTTP and websockets.
Building management and reporting solutions for Oracle Essbase OLAP multidimensional cubes.
We have experience in developing lottery systems.

Your software

Established technology

Proper SQL databases
  • Reliable storage
  • Consistency of data
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of reporting
Stable components
  • Popular and powerful programming languages
  • Solid database solutions
  • Well-tested programming frameworks
  • Custom solution where needed

Our solutions

Traditional methods

We don't sprint, we walk carefully
  • Complete vision of your project
  • Designing for long term maintenance
  • Modularizing software
  • Security in mind
  • Incremental developement of software
How we work
  • Mentoring by senior specialists
  • Distraction-free environment
  • No needless meetings
  • Well defined results
  • Good documentation